Video: Mock Arbitrations

This video of a mock arbitration published by Victoria University of Wellington in 2012 featuring the problem of the 19th/9th Vis (East) Moot is very illustrative of a high quality hearing in the Vis Moot. The level of quality is what teams can expect if they advance to the final rounds.

Final of the 23rd Vis Moot in Vienna, Singapore Management University v. University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) (published by Kamo Perec, 2016):

Final of the 22nd Vis Moot in Vienna, University of Ottawa (Canada) v. Singapore Management University (published by Kamo Perec, 2015):

Final of the 21st Vis Moot in Vienna, Deakin University (Australia) v. National Law School of India (published by Kamo Perec, 2014):

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